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Sunday, June 19

Y the last man tidbits from BKV

After telling Brian K. Vaughan how much I loved Y, I asked if there were any crumbs of what will happen that he could reveal. He responded with, "What do you want to know?". After the next issues, Yorick will 'check in' with Beth. We'll learn more about her, how she met Yorick, if she's even alive in Australia...Although the series is more than half over- it's a 60 issue run- Yorick's travels will continue, and we'll see "many more continents" before the end. And while Y will end, he never plans to stop writing Runaways.

Another picture of the very groovy Brian K. Vaughan from yesterday.

and Tony Harris, penciller of Ex Machina (and Starman, much more)


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