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Wednesday, June 8

Strangers in Paradise

I'm currently reading, on my breaks at work, Strangers in Paradise, Book 1 by Terry Moore. Katchoo- the blonde and Francine- the dark haired one are best friends, and Katchoo is in love with Francine. F latest boyfriend turns out to be a real dog. And Katchoo meets David, a seemingly sensitive boy at the art museum, and a love triangle is formed.

The black and white artwork is comic sometimes, tragic sometimes. This is one of the times when art and writing really mesh well. A smart read.

"without love, we are never more than strangers in paradise" Kevin Smith said that when people say romance comics are dead, he hands them SIP.

Comics in my pile: Villians United, Y the Last Man, Invincible, Nightwing (with Batgirl!), Mary Jane Homecoming, the OMAC project.


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