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Saturday, June 18

Fangirl in the City

Big Apple Comic Con Saturday

Brian K. Vaughan
and Tony Harris -
The panel was Brian and Tony, the west coasters, discussing Ex Machina. (And we found out how to pronounce it-- not "ex machine-a" like i've been saying, but "ex mock-in-a". There was some short lived "The Machine" that didn't allow that title. ) An ex superhero becomes NY mayor-- there was a lot of talk of the NY mayor characters from the past like LaGuardia and Koch.
Someone asked why it has to be for "mature readers", that without the f bombs and sex with prostitutes it still would be good. Tony said that after 16 years of constantly being censored, he loves the freedom. And Brian said that, well, despite having jet packs and superheroes, these sort of things are of the real world...that he wonders more about how the graphic violence is never questioned, but sex and profanity are. "I say the f word and I have seen nipples, but I've never been in a fistfight".

BKV signing (after I started the line)....

Which leads to my question to Brian-- thrilled that he said "that's a good question!" I asked, "About the Eisner awards, you're nominated for like 7...pound for pound, which of your fellow writers could you beat in a fight and who would pummel you?" It got a pretty good laugh. He answered that pretty much any of them could beat him up, that he's a pacifist, except that he could take Mark Millar, he's got those small Scottish hands..."

I couldn't leave after without telling how much I love Y- The Last Man and how I can't wait for each issue. My next will be a whole post on our Y discussion, including the tidbit crumbs about future issues he told me. He was excellent, funny, and so approachable. I'm glad to have met him.

Much more on the Big Apple Con....


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