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Saturday, June 4

Fangirl hits Wizard World Philly!

Wizard World Philadelphia. My first comic con!

Ethan Van Sciver
How cool is it that he was wearing a Green Lantern ring? Fanboy next to me dared me to ask if it actually worked. He deadpanned that he was wearing the tights under his jeans. He didn't smile much, but was decent to all those in line. There were tons of Green Lantern shirts all around the con...GL is hot hot thanks to his work. I read he was from south Jersey-- he said he was born in Provo, UT and grew up in Cherry Hill. He took a photo after he signed GL #1 for me.

Rags Morales
Identity Crisis was the first series that I anxiously awaited each month. Everyone at the comic store was reading it, and you could usually debate about it with almost anyone. Anyway, Rags was signing at the DC Comics booth. I waited for well over an hour, with the Lions Gate movie blaring to reach Rags. He was doing sketches, but mostly the greedy and rude dealers were throwing every varient cover of IC for him to sign 30 or 40. The couple in front of me handed him tons of the same IC cover and Wonder Woman. I was there with my lone issue. I told Rags to sign it to me, because it's just for me and not going on Ebay. He liked that. I said to him, 'you've had a good year' and he agreed. He was very mellow and cool. Then he let me take this picture.

And a guy in a wheelchair asked me if I was meditating (I was sitting on the floor). Then he told me he was hit by a car, and died twice, and had to learn how to do everything again. Then he told me I was a fox. Not a word you hear much these days.

Adam and Andy Kubert
Orson Scott Card is the writer, I've picked up the Ultimate Iron Man. Andy signed UIM #2 for me. The fanboy next to me was commenting on the odd cover. Even as the artist, Andy said "there's a lot of weird stuff in there". I didn't have anything for Adam to sign.

Scott Beatty
I went up to the DC table because I saw Scott Beatty. I asked if he worked on Batgirl: Year One. I gushed and gushed how much I love that, being a redhead and a librarian, how its all me...especially the line about 'potential defaulter of student loans'. He said the artist on that really got Barbara Gordon. I didn't have it with me- Damn! But he signed a bookmark for me. He was saying his wife is having a boy in July-- she thinks it is good for him to have a little boy because he'll have to share his toys. He was great. The Nightwing trade comes out I think July 27th.


At 7:10 PM, Blogger RAGS. said...

Thanx for the kindness Redhead Fangirl. I remember looking up and seeing your smiling face and you were so nice.

Hope to see you again sometime.


At 11:50 AM, Anonymous Florentino Saechao said...

Interested. Keep Blogging!


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