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Wednesday, June 1

The archives o' quotes

August 2005
'Will you help us, Mark Grayson of Earth?' 'Of course I will. But I need to explain to my mother what's going on and tell people where I'll be.'- Invincible, 25.

Sept 2005
"Yes, well I suppose we can add gaydar to the extraordinary number of common senses you seem to lack" Dr. Mann to Yorick, Y Book4

Oct 2005
But sometimes, grrr...trying to make things work on this stupid planet with all these stupid people just...overwhelms me. Supergirl 2 Nov 2005

It felt like the world was looking at us. Asking how we could lead if we couldn't keep order at home. It was a fair question." Busiek, Astro City Dark Age 3

Nov 2005
'Observe time code- Preserve the past, protect the present, and forget the future.''Is it me, or does that sound like the GOP platform?' She-Hulk 2, #1

Dec 2005
"Lois. Please stop talking for one second. I have something to tell you." Clark Kent, All Star Superman 1

January 2006
"So, Algebra- Algebra's cool, huh? Your so weird, Peter Parker." Spider-man loves Mary Jane

March 2006
"I don't usually bleed this much on a team-up" Hal Jordan to Batman, Green Lantern 9

April 2006
Joker: I want what everybody be loved. Short of that..I'll take a little vengence-a-go-go"

May 2006
You're an adult! Why are you buying dolls? They're Action Figures!-Comic Book Guy in Bongo Free Comics

June 2006
You want fun and money that won't kill you- then learn to !@#^* READ! Cinnamon: El Chiclo 2

August 2006
Nine-tenths of any super freak battle is just rank banter. Birds of Prey 95

October 2006
Education is forbidden for slaves. "Denyin' freedom of opportunity just pisses me off!"Rex Libris 5

Jan 2007
We're going down a manhole? Nah. These days, it's just a hole. Y the last man 53

March 2007
May I just say "ouch!", Manhunter? Oracle, Birds of Prey 103

Have you seen this place? I got all my sisters 'n' me! Xander to Dawn, Buffy Season 8, 2

She was alive in all the ways he wasn't. And she radiated it like the sun, or like a wild animal. Criminal 8

Number five, from a strictly, punctiliously factual point of view--he's not human. Faker 4

"Well, well. Our little golden goose both rises and shines." Joker in Booster Gold 5

We can't go past the gate. We're trapped inside this house. House of Mystery 2



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