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Monday, August 31

Louisville PL blogathon

on Tuesday, August 4th, Louisville’s (KY) Main Library was heavily damaged by flooding. Thousands of books got soaked and the building’s systems were knocked out, along with all of the computers at branches systemwide. Damage estimates are in the million dollar range..

WHY LIBRARIES ROCK….CJRLC blogathon for the Louisville PL .

Like the rock ‘n’ roll sound, the public library combines services, collections and staff for something unique and special. Rock shakes up and incites, and libraries allow their own version of “unrestricted” in access to information. We librarians must keep the backbeat going for our patrons and our communities!

I also donated through paypal!


Sunday, August 30


Have stacks from the three comic stores I visited this past week.
Wednesday comics 7 & 8, JLA 36, DMZ 44, Batman & Robin 2, Batgirl 1, Gotham City Sirens 3, Streets of Gotham 3, Jack of Fables 37, Detective Comics 856, and JSA 30.

Encourage everyone to buy at least some issues in comic format before they are collected in trades. If the publishers see no interest, they'll just let the series die on the vine before many hit their stride (like TV shows!). If you don't have a comic store, try buying by subscription online.

Currently reading in my beach chair by the pool:
Locke & Key, Welcome to Lovecraft
by Joe Hill (loved Heart Shaped Box, prose book)
Issues 1-6 of the haunted Keyhouse story; a family, a murder, a little boy turning to a ghost..
Volume 2, Head Games, available for preorder!


Thursday, August 20

DCU women: Batgirl

From the DC Nov 2009 solicitations...



She shakes a pretty mean cape.

Batgirl joins the third series of WOMEN OF THE DC UNIVERSE busts! Illustrator Amanda Conner brings her trademark humor to this rendering of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, as the heroine dances the Watusi.

Batgirl is perched atop a base that is compatible with the HEROES OF THE DC UNIVERSE SERIES 1: BATMAN BUST.

This hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain bust measures approximately 5.5” high x 3.75” wide x 4” deep and is packaged in a 4-color box.

Limited edition. Manufactured to order.

Advance-solicited; on sale April 14, 2010 * Bust * $60 US


Sunday, August 16

The Marvels Project

I picked up 2 Marvel titles- The Marvels Project written by Criminal writer Ed Brubaker and Amazing Spider-Man #600, the $4.99 oversized issue.

The Marvels Project is 1 of 8, and includes a big roster of Marvel artists for covers (McNiven, Vines, Hollowell, Epting, Prel, Jimenez), with Brubaker and Epting writing, and Dave Stewart on color art. There is some intriguing late 1930's art with a taste of character- Sub-Mariner, Human Torch, Nick Fury. Brubaker adds depth to characters, but dipping in the well of the Nazi's as enemies..but we'll see. I will pick up issue 2, slated for Sept. 9th

Amazing Spider-Man I've only read a few pages..but Aunt May is marring JJ Sr?

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Saturday, August 8

Batman: Reborn (and a lot of chix)

I am reading much more of current Batman: Reborn series than expected.

Batman: Detective Comics 854 has me because it stars redhead Batwoman. And the unique and beautiful J.H. Williams art made it a must have. The panels have unique cuts, and I enjoy seeing the dramatic Batwoman costume and also Kate in real life. And Renee as the Question in a backup story.
Elegy part 2, issue 855 On Sale July 29, 2009

And Gotham City Sirens 2, written by Paul Dini. Starring 3 DC badgirls in Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy, I had to give this a go. Yes, the art is cheesecake, but with that title and these characters, what else would I expect to see? Even Talia makes an appearance to help hide Batman's identity.

Harley: " Mr. J always told me there's only one joker and one batman!"
#3 On Sale August 26, 2009

Streets of Gotham 2 - Manhunter backup series (I won't call them second features as Didio wants). Alfred, Comm. Gordon, Dick, Damian Robin- and Firefly setting the place on fire.
#3 On Sale August 19, 2009

Dick: "You believed you were saving a life, Alfred. No one can fault you for that. "

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Sunday, August 2

Tiny Titans meets the Secret Six

Click for details..combining two of my favorite comics!

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