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Sunday, August 30


Have stacks from the three comic stores I visited this past week.
Wednesday comics 7 & 8, JLA 36, DMZ 44, Batman & Robin 2, Batgirl 1, Gotham City Sirens 3, Streets of Gotham 3, Jack of Fables 37, Detective Comics 856, and JSA 30.

Encourage everyone to buy at least some issues in comic format before they are collected in trades. If the publishers see no interest, they'll just let the series die on the vine before many hit their stride (like TV shows!). If you don't have a comic store, try buying by subscription online.

Currently reading in my beach chair by the pool:
Locke & Key, Welcome to Lovecraft
by Joe Hill (loved Heart Shaped Box, prose book)
Issues 1-6 of the haunted Keyhouse story; a family, a murder, a little boy turning to a ghost..
Volume 2, Head Games, available for preorder!



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