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Friday, August 29


I read about the Vertigo Encyclopedia, and although I'll probably get it for the library, I made an impulse buy last night. I try not to do that (and try to keep financially healthy with the feed from Get Rich Slowly- great practical ideas if you've never checked it out. The blogger is a comic fan too. But, since I made a little money on the MidJersey Comicon, I couldn't resist.
Have a great Labor Day weekend. I'm off to visit family today.


Tuesday, August 26

Lego sass

She's just adorable!
In case you haven't seen this, from the Batman Lego game.The Lego Star Wars is fun to play ( I like slapping the other characters as Princess Leia). The Batman legos characters look adorable --
Joker, Scarecrow, TwoFace, Riddler are all the cutest villians!

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Virgin Comics down

I tried Devi, and Snakewoman..but the Virgin Comics stories just weren't my cup. But the glossy paper and art was nice, and the focus on Eastern Stories...New York office shut down. I have wanted to buy more for the library in trade.

Virgin Comics, the high-profile 2006 international joint venture between Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and the India-based comics publisher Gotham Entertainment, has been shut down.....The closing appears to effect only Virgin Comics’ U.S. publishing operations in New York City and does not effect the operations of Gotham Entertainment, the Bangalore, India-based partner in the venture that produces comics targeted at the South Asian consumer market.


Tuesday, August 19

Why so serious?

An amazing gift from the MidJersey Comicon, art by Brian Quinn and wash by Neil Vokes.
They also turned me on to Comic Art Fans- go ahead, type just about any artist and tons of original art and convention sketches come up. What a great way to share private collections. Brian has 23 results (many are Harley Quinn, wrong quinn) and Neil has 299 results. I hope to add more from my sketchbook of redhead characters along the way.

Did you see the Robert Downey Jr. f--- DC comics story?

Reading Fables: The Good Prince, collecting issues 60-69. Coming closer to catching up to the floppies!

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Sunday, August 17

Another Comicon!

A good comicon yesterday! Met some new artists and dealers, had good attendance even though it was a beautiful beach day! I have some sketches to scan and share, and much more commentary are some photos from MidJersey Comicon 2008!
Many thanks to the crack admission staff (phillygirl and J), Harvey and the pulp crowd, and shoreturtle's support! And of course all the people who set up or attended.


Wednesday, August 13

Two Moore and more

Read two Terry Moore titles-

Spider-Man loves Mary Jane #1 returns with Terry Moore at the helm. It's an artist (Craig Rousseau) and writer change, so it might take some time to adjust. MJ is now a sophomore, still friends with Peter Parker and Liz, and in drama.

Echo - Do you want a character driven story? Pristine black and white art? Government conspiracy and the girl on the run story? Please check out the Echo story line. I believe a trade will be coming soon if you haven't bought the floppies. Let's support more than just space war cross overs.
Echo #5 review

Trinity 9 and 10
More of the Trinity puzzle is revealed, and the Crime Syndicate appears. I did enjoy the Oracle and Nightwing interchanges.

I've been sleeping a lot because I've been fighting sinuses, and watching some Olympics. Plus, lots of preparing for this Saturday's MidJersey Comicon! We have a full house of dealers, indie creators, professional creators, Star Wars fan force, door if we just get some people in the doors all will be happy!

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Friday, August 8


Planning to get Chinese food tonight and watch the opening ceremonies. Still pondering Joshua's win on SYTYCD, actually think Katee's dancing made him better, and that she probably was the best dancer.

I came across this GN on the new nonfiction shelf, and being a GN that I didn't order for the library, I was interested. I liked the art, story, and the cultural differences and reaching for connection of the main character. Tonoharu is a town in Japan.

Daniel Wells begins a new life as an assistant junior high school teacher in the rural Japanese village of Tonoharu. Isolated from those around him by cultural and language barriers, he leads a monastic existence, peppered only by his inept pursuit of the company of a fellow American who lives a couple towns over

and a Library link to the Anthrax case-

MD PL Director Accedes to FBI Computer Seizure; Possible Anthrax Link

Norman Oder -- Library Journal, 8/4/2008

  • FBI took two computers; library says they were not linked to patron records
  • Director would typically request warrant, but says he was convinced by FBI
  • Investigation may be linked to anthrax suicide case

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Monday, August 4

The Pro and Fire

Phillygirl bought a few trades you might not have heard of that she passed on to me.

The Pro Like Ennis and The Boys? Sick and twisted and dirty humor, combined with undermining the nobility of the superhero genre. A superhero prostitute!

Fire, A spy graphic novel
Written and illustrated by Brian Michael Bendis

As for me, I just finished my stack from a few weeks ago. I enjoyed the Joker's Asylum: Penguin. I always liked the Penguin as the villian in the TV show, and the art in this is very gothic. Makes me interested to pick up some of the other Joker's Asylum books-- saw Scarecrow on the shelf. And Poison Ivy!

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Saturday, August 2

Super smash star wars success

Today I organized a Star Wars program at the library-- hundreds of kids and parents came out to get photos with characters from the Northeast Remnant of the 501st. We had a Vadar, a bike scout and a stormtrooper.
It was so fun to watch the kids pose, ask fun questions, get autographs. And the parents were just as into it, several wore SW shirts themselves!
The funniest was at the end the children's librarian had Darth Vadar release butterflies they raised as part of the summer reading program.

If only my job could be this fun every day. I worked really hard to organize this.

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Friday, August 1

Spidey loan

When I was trying to decide who to microloan to on Kiva, I saw this female store owner in Mexico with a stationary store. In the background were Spider-man bags, so I chose her.

If you don't know about Kiva, it's an amazing site where you make microloans or pool money for the working poor of the world.

Kiva's mission is to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty.

Kiva is the world's first person-to-person micro-lending website, empowering individuals to lend directly to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world.

The people you see on Kiva's site are real individuals in need of funding - not marketing material. When you browse entrepreneurs' profiles on the site, choose someone to lend to, and then make a loan, you are helping a real person make great strides towards economic independence and improve life for themselves, their family, and their community.