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Tuesday, December 18

news I can use

My Tivo list is shrinking fast- no Heroes, Private Practice, Daily Show, Colbert Reports. Watched the last It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Damn studios just give the writers some piece and stopped hoarding the dough. As a patron told me about trying to 'squeeze' out a promotion "always got to squeeze from those suckers! they got the money!". Baby boomer librarians, please retire and make some room for the rest of us! If you can get a pension, and soon Social Security, go use it up because they say the well will be dry for us Gen Xers.

Future Comic news I found interesting--

The Dresden Files novels by Jim Butcher are set to be adapted by the Dabel Brothers.

Did you see the CSN that listed many of the 52 DC universes. (post 52 worlds)

Matt Wagner is working on Zorro comics for Dynamite.

Invincible 51 (Robert Kirkman) has a Jim Lee cover with an all new costume, home, partner, and new beginning. I'll admit I have only sporadically read Invincible in the last 20 issues. My first instincts here are too much change, and at first glance I thought Invincible was Nightwing!
Maybe it is the time to jump into the series again as advertised.
Newsarama link here

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At 12:33 PM, Blogger Nick said...

Hmm...I don't know about the Dresden series crossover to comics...I suppose it's possible but, to find the comic reader nitch for it...afraid it's just gonna go the way of the tv series. Here's hoping though, I loved Storm Watch

*crosses fingers*

At 4:33 PM, Blogger Mark Kardwell said...

I've got the same problem at work: lots of colleagues and bosses aged 50-55, all talking about early retirement, but not enough of them bloody taking it!

At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How long do we have to wait to get promoted? When will the Boomers retire? Will they retire??
When they retire, and we're promoted, will more money be taken out of our paychecks, to support the Boomers?

At 1:10 PM, Blogger Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Exactly how young are you? Because as no less an authority than Paul Krugman has pointed out – on numerous occasions – Social Security will remain entirely unaffected by the much-hyped current “crisis” until at least 2052:

'Projections in a recent report by the Congressional Budget Office (which are probably more realistic than the very cautious projections of the Social Security Administration) say that the trust fund will run out in 2052. The system won't become "bankrupt" at that point; even after the trust fund is gone, Social Security revenues will cover 81 percent of the promised benefits. Still, there is a long-run financing problem.

'But it's a problem of modest size. The report finds that extending the life of the trust fund into the 22nd century, with no change in benefits, would require additional revenues equal to only 0.54 percent of G.D.P. That's less than 3 percent of federal spending - less than we're currently spending in Iraq. And it's only about one-quarter of the revenue lost each year because of President Bush's tax cuts - roughly equal to the fraction of those cuts that goes to people with incomes over $500,000 a year.'

[The quote above is from here. But you can find Krugman’s (and others') writings on this issue all over the web, including on the pages of the NYT and in his blog, which is also hosted by the Times]

The “Social Security is running out!” hysteria is basically a rightwing ploy to try to convince the public to privatize (i.e., make into for-profit) a government system that works and has been working for about 80 years now. It's a ploy that also attempts to pit younger generations against older ones – you know: the old divide and conquer. Ring any bells?

You are, it goes without saying, entirely free to echo, casually, what are essentially rightwing talking points. But be aware that that is what they are. (I’m not trying to be condescending, but I get the distinct impression that, in this instance, you’re not aware.)

Tone check: I don’t mean to sound scolding or a-hole-ish. (I'm just good at it, I guess.) I just hate to leave these talking points unchallenged …


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