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Monday, September 3

Sun and She-Hulk

Hope everyone had a fab Labor Day weekend! The weather here in the Northeast was suburb. Saturday was spent on the damn list of things our town wants done to get a CO to sell the house. Selling a house is much worse than buying one. Things are on track with the new house, just a few minor things found at the inspection. We have been waiting for a week to hear from our buyers lawyer, and know that full price we got for the house is going to much less when we negotiate. It's just frustrating that the CO inspections in 2000 and '01 found no issues(even though like wires were coming out of the walls and we've significantly improved the house), but when its my turn- BAM! It will be all worth it, right...

Sunday was at a friends BBQ, food, badminton, beers, fun. Today squeezed the last of summer at the shore with a beach day and some swimming. And yum, finally had the Stephen Colbert Americone ice cream! I did read She-Hulk 20 at the beach, seemed like a big wrap up issue. I liked the ribbing of Marvel with a tribunal discovering "another universe, and ultimate universe. One that was cleaner, simpler...the cosmic equivalent of a hot trophy wife" but how She-Hulk argued that "our home wasn't convoluted, it was legendary. And it wasn't confusing, it had character" Yea, Dan Slott!



At 3:59 AM, Blogger Rae said...

Glad to hear you guys had a fun labor day! Selling a house is 500 times more complicated than buying. I can't understand the people who seem to always be moving, I would never be able to handle the stress!


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