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Sunday, September 30

down at Moe's

Here's Redhead Fangirl hanging out at Moe's.


Friday, September 28

Fiber optic fangirl

New house, and new Verizon FIOS! Now I can blog through fiber optic wire!
We fought with our demanding buyers right up until the close, had to pack like fiends because who knew if the close would change or the deal would be off. They actually wanted a guarantee that grass would grow. I basically had to peel out of the old house to get to my walkthrough, but leaving behind heinous trash neighbors should be good for my stress level!

Anyway, the cat is slowly exploring and sniffing the new digs. He's unsure of the ceiling fans because he's never seen them before. I have a new groovy black refridge with water and ice (hooked up next week).

If anyone wants house buying or selling advice, I've got it because it was brutal.

Anyway, look forward to comic blogging soon. Going to Chicago next week to see Shoreturtle run the Chicago Marathon. I might get to meet one famous Chicago comic blogger while I'm there! Keep you posted.

Librarians- free professional passes to the New York Anime Festival. Not my bag, but can not wait for the NYCC next year, and not in February!


Sunday, September 23

cardboard boxes.

Packing and more packing. Up to episode 11 of Flight of the Conchords before the HBO freebie goes away. Finished Jane Eyre today- clearly ahead of her time with questions of self and independence and marriage and class.

Phillygirl should be happy that The Middleman was optioned for a TV show. If you haven't read the story of the spunky redhead artist and her involvement in a secret spy agency, go find it now!

Finally read some comics-
Buffy Season 8, issue 6
Brian K. Vaughan comic and dramatic voice comes to the Buffy series-- with Faith at the center of the story. I loved hearing Faith's tough girl quotes, and her dialogue with Giles. With 2000 slayers in the world, Gigi is a rich and protected slayer with a Warlock coaching her. Can Faith fake her way into society to get a chance to take her out??

The Boys issue 10
Raunchy as usual, but I haven't been laughing quite as much. The Boys are headed to Russia next, so maybe this storyline will grab me again.

Justice League wedding special
Ollies bachelor party, the league of injustice, the girls dancing on the town. I hated the butt shot cover of Wonder Woman. Otherwise, a workable issue with some villian and good guy fights...

And the last Y had a major development for one character right? These last issues have been so spread out, but the end is 2 issues away. I'm not sure how I feel about that Disturbia boy being Yorick for the film-- at least he seems intelligent.

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Tuesday, September 18

singles, crime, move

My girlfriends and I are having a great email converse because of this article:
Unmarried and single americans week.

I'm a huge true crime fan, and Library Journal suggest this blog:
In Cold Blog

With fingers and toes crossed it looks like next week we may close on our house and move into our new one! It has been very trying and stressful in this buyers market. However, our rotten neighborhood kids and their useless parents make it a necessary move.


Thursday, September 13

Really silent bob

Secret Stash Cali to close
Guess I made it under the wire to visit the Westwood Secret Stash. I only had about 10 mins before closing, but have to say the Red Bank NJ store was much better. Sorry to see it close though.

Thanks to new Twitter followers. I fell off twittering, but now I'm back and following comic friends.

Still house negotiating, and until it's all done my stomach will be in knots.

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Monday, September 10

knocked out

Birds of Prey 109
Some late thoughts on BOP 109 and the fate of Knockout, popular among fans of the Secret Six, redhead fans, lesbian fans and me . I knew I would miss Gail's wit and touch, but Tony Bedard writing on this is just flat,pointless and unimaginative. The big scene where Babs discusses Ollie's past with Dinah makes Babs seem shrill, and wrong on her facts, which Oracle is not. (DC continuity error). I was a big fan of the Secret Six, and it seems that all the goodwill and work Gail did was squandered with one single issue of BOP without her writing. Kill off another strong female, DC? Damn it Didio and DC crew. I'm getting to feel about you the way I feel about the Marvelzombies and their marketing manipulations and distain for fan input.

It is EVERYONE complaining about one more pointless death that is little more than a footnote in the body count for the build-up to The Next Big Crossover.

Tony Bedard, writer:
he fails totally to get past the obvious tricks of the trades.

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Thursday, September 6

the one with me on the steps

[me at Warner Bros, on the steps where they filmed that Rachel prom one. I'm trying to look sad and play keyboards like Ross did]Friends reunion would be Ross-less

Just finished the memoir If I am missing or dead
Janine Latus writes honestly about her relationships with men, and her sister, who find did two seemingly well-adjusted, successful women end up in strings of physically or emotionally abusive relationships with men

Britain embraces the graphic novel
the success of Briggs' ETHEL & ERNEST, not to mention Chris Ware's surprise win of the Guardian First Book Award, has had publishers snapping up would-be graphic novel stars

Top 25 Librarian bloggers (- or libloggers- no love for the librarian/comic bloggers)

Sorry, the house selling and buying sucks the life and time out of me. Hang in and in October I should be back!

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Monday, September 3

Sun and She-Hulk

Hope everyone had a fab Labor Day weekend! The weather here in the Northeast was suburb. Saturday was spent on the damn list of things our town wants done to get a CO to sell the house. Selling a house is much worse than buying one. Things are on track with the new house, just a few minor things found at the inspection. We have been waiting for a week to hear from our buyers lawyer, and know that full price we got for the house is going to much less when we negotiate. It's just frustrating that the CO inspections in 2000 and '01 found no issues(even though like wires were coming out of the walls and we've significantly improved the house), but when its my turn- BAM! It will be all worth it, right...

Sunday was at a friends BBQ, food, badminton, beers, fun. Today squeezed the last of summer at the shore with a beach day and some swimming. And yum, finally had the Stephen Colbert Americone ice cream! I did read She-Hulk 20 at the beach, seemed like a big wrap up issue. I liked the ribbing of Marvel with a tribunal discovering "another universe, and ultimate universe. One that was cleaner, simpler...the cosmic equivalent of a hot trophy wife" but how She-Hulk argued that "our home wasn't convoluted, it was legendary. And it wasn't confusing, it had character" Yea, Dan Slott!