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Thursday, March 16

The Great Machine

The Daily Show. It was a cold NY day to wait in line for over 2 hours. The studio has The Daily Show awnings and pictures of the regulars. I read JSA, Rex Libris and most of Ex Machina: Tag trade while waiting. Having soda, reading and the Ipod, it was still a long wait. The warm up guy made us yell a lot, made fun of a few people in the audience. John Stewart only came out for about 5 minutes and answered 3 questions. The show was taped in one shot, so as fast as I can watch it, it was over. Natalie Portman was really little, she looked about 90 pounds. Her interview brought some mild chuckling, but it was rather dull overall. I am glad to say I've seen the studio, and saw it live.

Ex Machina-- BKV interview
As for where I got the idea from, I've always wanted to do a superhero book that wasn't necessarily about superheroes. There are enough postmodern, self-reflexive, deconstructionist comics out there already. I'd rather use superheroes as a parable to explore our world, especially contemporary local politics, which is way more sexy, fast-paced and dangerous than the boring crap that goes on in Washington."

I love Ex Machina[2005 Eisner winner for best new series]. Tony Harris' art, from NY subway scenes to facial closeups, is just so well meshed with Brian K. Vaughan's spot-on story. Mitchell Hundred is an engineer, a well meaning engineer, who develops the ability to interact with machines due to a strange encounter with a glowing green box under the Brooklyn Bridge. The characterization of a humble but smart guy trying to make a difference by running for mayor of NY-- propelling his fame from stopping one of the two planes from crashing into the World Trade Center is so smart and different for comics. Mitchells supporting cast of staffers, Bradbury his bodyguard, NY reporter Suzanne who he has a flirtation add important details. It's about politics, New York, fame, dating, school vouchers, gay marriage, also some violence and death, and an attractive young single mayor.
Now I've read 1-12, and have issue 18- Damn, got to read the rest of this!


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