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Tuesday, March 14

D for Daily

Tomorrow I'm going to see The Daily Show live with C! The guest should be Natalie Portman. OK, I liked her in The Professional, and she's OK in Garden State, but I think her acting was horrid in The Closer and Star Wars Episode III. But since she should be talking about V for Vendetta, I'm down with that.

In EW, I see that one hot blonde actor has been Aquaswapped for another for the Aquaman TV show. Will is out, Justin Hartley in. It says he was on that soap opera Passions, which I only see in funny clips on Best Week Ever. The show title Mercy Reef"sounds more like some teen horror movie.

I read American Virgin today. From the bible belt to the chastity belt..Adam is a charismatic 21 year old virgin. He's held out 21 long years to lose his virginity, which he feels God wants him to do. He's in love with Cassandra, in Africa doing Peace Corp work. His mom and stepdad want to use him for their TV ministry and his pot smoking younger brother resents him. HIs cousins kidnap him and try to get him to lose it with a stripper.
I can't stop looking at the Frank Quitely cover, of a huge tongue with bubbly taste buds, and Adam lying on this oversize tongue in his "Save Yourself". Steven T. Seagle writes the moral and carnal conflict, and Becky Cloonan is the artwork.


At 3:10 AM, Blogger Jason said...


When Dragon Con comes around, I'll return the favor. Thank you so much.

At 1:31 PM, Blogger lauree said...

have fun at The Daily Show that is really cool!


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