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Thursday, December 29

Phantom pains

I know it's blasphemy to some, but I don't follow the XMen too often. Plus, there with New, Uncanny, Amazing, there are so many bleepin' xmen my head hurts. But the cover art on X-Men unlimited made be buy it: Wolverine on his knees in front of Jean Grey in a pleated skirt and knee high yello boots. Jean is yet another awesome redhead in comic world. There were only 11 pages of this story, as much as I liked it, it was just a short morsel.

Wolverine bleeds and heals in the snow, thinking of Jean and waiting for his healing to kick in. We see that he does indeed feel pain and pain lingers.

"There's the liver..which mostly soaks up beer"

"Pains nearly unbearable- a normal person'd be in eight kinds of shock right now. But I've been through this before.

"conjure up a caregiver.. a sort of guardian angel that protects you from the pain. Jean Grey. The woman I loved more than anything..who never loved me back. "

Marvel X-Men titles


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That's a great cover!


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