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Sunday, April 6


Recent events have been kind of rough on me, so I can only hope things will get better. One coworker said Mars is in Cancer now and that means conflict and war.

I just started pouring over the programming calendar for the NY Comiccon. Phillygirl and I hope to see Garth Ennis. There are X-files 2 previews and Doctor Who. Vertigo panel with Morrison and Wood. A Spotlight on Gail Simone. Shoreturtle loves Ghost Hunters, and there is a panel with the main dudes with the Destination: Truth guy. Women in Comics panel.

I love getting in 10 AM- 3 PM before the public with my "Professional" badge. I'll take being happy where I can!

At R's Pulp show a few weeks ago, I picked up the entire Liquid Television series (dealer compiled- not all out on DVD) I didn't remember how disturbing some of the skits were - but at least creative and not lame "reality TV" that floods MTV for years. Winter Steele (biker girl), CutUp Camera, PsychoGrams...

Today's "It figures" From the Ten-Cent Plague:
(EC Comics) "It was the strangest thing to me that Charlie Gaines was publishing all these Bible stories about love and kindness..."and he was the nastiest son of a bitch on the face of the Earth"

So far, my big ad experiment has added up to $2.19. If you click the Google Sense Ads, I might actually make a dollar. Only once or twice have I seen a link that I was unsure of . So click away and help a sista out!

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At 6:24 AM, Blogger Joe said...

I used to love watching Liquid Television back in the day. I remember this one series where this kid had a huge head, and all his friends were also freaks in some way. Like one guy had a lawnmower blade permanently impaled in his skull. I'd like to buy a copy of that DVD, would you mind e-mailing me that dealer's contact information?

Have fun at the Comicon! A friend of mine is going to be there...he goes every year to check out "Class Comics" It's gay and homoerotic comics. I think it's cool that's there are comics written for pretty much every lifestyle and genre you can think of! Are there any "Hipster" comics yet? Heh. :-) Rock on!


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