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Sunday, October 30

Flying away on a wing and a prayer

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
Many days of my youth were spent watching wrestling and him fly off the ropes.

I had a huge crush on The Greatest American Hero when I was little. I dug out my 45 of "Believe it or not": the theme song from the show to take to Chiller. William Katt still had blond curls under a Yankees hat, although they had some grey. He was very nice, shook all our hands, very California mellow. He signed my record "You're so great!". Isn't that how we'd love our childhood crushes to think of us? He did say "I can't believe you bought this record!". I told him I did, but probably never played the flip side. No photo because that was additional money.

Other sightings:
The big 3 from I dream of Jeannie: Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman, Robert Culp. R bought an I Spy script from Culp, because he also was a writer.

K thought Kevin Sorbo- Hercules- looked really good.

Courtney Gains, Malachi from Children of the Corn, was on his cell phone. C thought he looked mad.

Linda Blair and Adrienne Barbeau looked good. Buffy's Mom was there. The wrestlers Jimmy Superfly Snuka, The Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff had a lot of attention and seemed fun.


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