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Saturday, October 29

Gosh, it's Robin and Fangirl

At the Chiller con last night, I coughed up $30 for Burt Ward's autograph and this picture. He was nice, called me dear, and signed my pic "Zap, Laverne, Burt Ward "Robin" and added a smiley face. While I debated paying $40 more to have Adam West sign, he took a break for the night. I did hear him say how cold it was here.. and when he was walking in I called to Adam and said "are you cold here in the northeast" and he smiled and said something like 'oh yes'. So I had my Batman moment.

The most interesting thing is that Adam and Burt had tables in between them...and when one determined guy begged to take a photo with both of was icy...Guess that book really ticked off Adam West...

More celebrity and horror details soon!

Burt Ward

Ward also wrote a controversial book called Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights, which described his life while he was playing Robin, and his and Adam West's sexual misadventures with various fans. Of the latter, West has since claimed they are untrue. In 2001, Ward began Boy Wonder Visual Effects, Inc.


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way cool!!!

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