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Monday, October 24

I don't do suburbs, Jim

Steve Niles brings his spooky writing from 30 days of night and Scott Hampton brings his Life Eaters bloody artwork to Batman Gotham County Line. Book1: The Obvious One cost $5.99.

Children suffocated, mother slashed, and father's without eyes...bloodshot eyes and sharp teeth dripping blood.... are images you'll see as Batman is asked by Comm. Gordon (Uncle to beloved Babs) to investigate the four families found murdered. Batman comes across just as typical snobby Gothamite (substitute NYC) "I don't do suburbs, Jim"

I'm used to Batman stories being dark and textured, he is the Dark Knight after all. I'm not squimish generally, but this felt a little much for me. Mobiles of eyes around the room...In the last Fell, it was dead fetuses hung around the room...What ever happened to blacklight posters and beads?


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