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Thursday, June 30

Bair Ink

I met Michael Bair at the Big Apple Con. I knew very little about what an inker really did...thought I'd share my findings here. Bair looked very rock and roll with his dark glasses and long hair. He signed an ID Crisis for me. All I really said to him was, I met Rags Morales a few weeks ago. We agreed he is a cool guy.

Simply put, a comic book inker renders another artist's pencil drawings in India ink.
Typically, in comics, there are two artists who work on any book. A penciller, who renders the original drawing in pencil; and the inker who transforms/interprets this drawing into a camera-ready piece of black-and-white art-work.

Michael Bair, Identity Crisis inker


At 6:41 AM, Blogger Patt said...

as promised i have drawn you as a cartoon super hero.hope you enjoy it.


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