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Wednesday, June 29

Astro City Dark Age

Astro City Dark Age link

I really enjoyed the new Astro City Dark Age, with the Alex Ross cover. The two brothers, one cop and one criminal, are interesting and gritty. Intrigued to see where this series will go!

One of my favorite comics of all time is Astro City vol 2, No. 1/2, The Nearness of You. Every night Mike goes to sleep and dreams of Miranda, a girl he's never met, but who is real to him. He always chased blondes, but this girl has wave brown hair and light freckles across her nose...In the end the Hanged Man reveals that time can be rewoven and altered. Hanged man says "I can allow you to forget". But he chooses not to, and now he can sleep, knowing he did know her, and he loved her. "And that makes all the difference." How romantic!


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