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Tuesday, December 30


Going to a 10:45 AM showing of The Spirit. Don't think I've ever gone to such an early movie. With all the good films like Benjamin Button, Slumdog, The Reader out, I probably should see those but I'll have to see for myself what has been done to Eisner's The Spirit.

My pulp friend Rich said the entire film of The Spirit could be summed up in a few lines. But he did go see it opening day anyway.

The Spirit review: Variety
The Spirit" reps its antithesis: Relentlessly cartoonish and campy, it's a work of pure digital artifice, feverishly committed to its own beautiful, hollow universe to the exclusion of any real narrative interest or engagement with its characters.

The Watchmen war
Fox, let it go! Take some bucks and leave the Snyder cut to WB.

Comicbook films raise serious issues

Themes from the Dark Knight and Iron Man: Evil, goodness, crime, vigilantism, social order, chaos, capitalism, money, power, weapons, villians, heroes...

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Wednesday, December 17

Merry Infinite Canvas to you all

The end of the year is fast approaching. I've seen a few 'best of' lists, but 2008 seems like a downsizing year in my own comic buying (due to titles ending and disinterest in some)-- a lighter blog year for most of the indie blogs I've been following since 2005-- and def. lighter content on RF here.

But, I'm just as immersed in the graphic novel collection at the library as ever, buying floppy comics in a pile every few weeks, and reading Fables and other trades. Planning two big presentations for 2009, one at the NY comicon on "creating a mini con at your library" and for April's 2009 NJ Library Assoc. conference on "the best Graphic Novels of 2008" with my comic book mafia library team from last year.

Personally, my best includes
What it is - Lynda Barry
The New York Four- Brian Wood
Comic Book Tattoo
Dan Dare trade- Garth Ennis
Faker, The Un-Men, The Vinyl Underground (Vertigo trades)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all! Snuggle up with some comics for the winter. I'll post again come 2009....


Monday, December 15

today's pick up

Saturday, December 13

the big chill

Hope everyone is having a good holiday season. Gifts, parties, cookies...haven't heard Springsteen do "Santa Claus is comin' to town" yet though. I do try to think that some people are struggling, so in the freezing cold this morning, shoreturtle and I went to do The Big Chill 5K run at Rutgers University. I think over 4000 people ran or walked it (my toes and fingers were numb at the start)-- so the gym was full of toys to give to kids who need them.
Considering I was in bed sick two days ago- it's been a cold, wet, and windy week here in Jersey- this was a big day. Went home and slept 3 hours after the race.

As far as comics, I hope I can grab my last few weeks batch soon.

Monday, December 8

another series goodbye: Rex Libris

Rex Libris by James Turner
I was surprised to see that Issue 13 would be the last issue of RL. I've enjoyed the text heavy but highly entertaining exploits, with library quotes abounding.

Rex Libris Final Issue Hits Shelves October 22nd, 2008!

October 18th, 2008

The final issue of the Rex Libris comic book series by James Turner (That'd be me; I do my own promo work. Limited budget) will be available October 22nd!

But Rex had a good run of issues, and I, Librarian is available in trade (bought for my library!).

It's a twisty, strange world of Rex, fighting with Cthulu monsters and ice - time traveling-- as the head librarian of Middleton Public Library.


Wednesday, December 3

Tuesday, December 2

3 blondes and a redhead

Got in 4 comics on the train ride to NY.
Hope you all are getting tickets to New York Comiccon-- it turns out I'll be doing a session during the professional time on "Creating a mini-con at your library (or in your community)". Can you dig it??

Air 4
The story continues with Blythe, bird snakes, wishing for Zayn. After issue 3, I nearly gave up on Air, but the story is imaginative and unusual enough by G. Willow Wilson to hang on. The art by MK Perker is vivid and expressive. I always want to support Vertigo titles, so I'll stay with Air. Enjoyed the bird naturalist cover this issue.

Buffy, Season 8, issue 19
Phillygirl and I admitted to not truly understanding Season 8, and what is going on, despite being huge Buffy fans. I think it was the delay and the time jump-- this issue with a future (bad) Willow and Buffy choices helped it gel better for me. Fray is spotlighted again.

Spider-Man loves Mary Jane 4
A cyber-bully website trashing Mary Jane appears, and MJ wonders who hates her so much. The writing continues to be cute, teenagey. I have to say the cross hatches on MJ's face in the interior this issue bugged me. It made her look wrinkly to me -not the look they want for a teenage MJ!

Jack of Fables
Simply the best dialogue in all of comics right now, Sturges and Willingham continue to hit the mark with the rogue Jack. Part of 1 of 5 involves a war at Golden Boughs, the Page sisters, Book Burner, Revise-- and Jack being their leader?

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