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Friday, November 28

One girl, one sword

Happy post Thxgiving! I picked up a new stack the other day, but the stack is smaller with cancellations and self-imposed drops from my list. Here's one I'm still reading-

The Sword 12
From "The S-Word" letters in the back of The Sword, the Luna brothers have continued to add new fans with The Sword (who then go back and read Ultra and the excellent Girls). They also have held on to their fan base here. The Sword brings us a strong but flawed female heroine, with a quest against those who killed her family and left her with the powerful sword. Her fight against Akros, who controls water, concludes in this issue.
The Luna Brothers appeared at San Diego and the Baltimore Comicon..maybe they'll come to NY Comiccon? Please!


Thursday, November 20

Green lady and blue beetle

The comic book titles keep getting the ax- She-Hulk, a favorite of mine I'll admit dropping post-Dan Slott, is on the chopping block for Feb 2009.

She-Hulk thread on CBR

Some blame Peter David's writing, some blame the art teams. Personally, her reinvention with Dan Slott, the humor and strength and interplay with the law firm got lost when she was shipped off as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and some other funky storylines. I guess it's been several years, because all the characters I enjoyed (Awesome Andy, more) are slipping my mind in a big way.

Blue Beetle, a fan favorite that never took with me, despite several tries, is also cancelled. I guess I'll just keep reading Matt Sturges in House of Mystery, a series so far hanging on at Vertigo.

Just as every other day there is a new closing as I drive around (a teacher store, a restaurant, a local store, a car dealership) goes all these comic series. I think the growth of the industry for graphic novels and comics is shrinking, especially through big name book stores orders, and hopefully will all bounce back.

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Thursday, November 13

a few

Back to Brooklyn 2 CBR review
Garth Ennis, Jimmy Palmiotti and Mihailo Vukelic
CBR gives BtB a review of "mediocre", I'd say it's a little bit of a formula, but still different enough to warrant purchase.
Bob, Maggie Mahoney take refuge at their childhood store with great Egg Creams, while planning to take down his brother Paul, Paul the Wall. The characters are developing, although I had to flip a few times to figure out who was who. The art is the unique photo-realistic painting. B at the comic store even thinks Maggie looks like me (although I would not wear a red shirt tied in a knot, for sure).

Tiny Titans 9
The monkey issue! "Eventually, it happens to everyone in this universe"

Also read: Spider-Man loves Mary Jane 3
Terry Moore, Craig Rousseau
It's always nice to a see a cover where a girl isn't tied up or sexpotting.

To read pile: My Name is Bruce, The Boys 24, Justice Society 20, House of Mystery 7, Air 3, Rex Libris 13

Have a great weekend kids!

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Saturday, November 8

Pray for Birds

Birds of Prey #127 final of the series

Redhead Fangirl Birds of Prey posts

I've been a loyal reader and purchaser of Birds of Prey for several years now. Followed BoP from Gail Simone, until she left the title, and McKeever's short run, then to Tony Bedard on writing. Of course any title with Oracle as the lead interests me, but BoP was special for the female superhero teams. Giving attention to Black Canary for example propelled her into the JLA big leagues...with Huntress, Zinda, the new Misfit...Barda...the list of female characters I became familiar with because of Birds of Prey is quite long.

There is talk of relaunches for Birds, Robin and Nightwing- who knows with the bad publishing tales every day from the fruit bat economy we have. I can hope so. A girl needs to have her "girls night" title-- I like the men of DC, but it was always great to see a female team have great sales and reviews. I'll hope for a relaunch or Oracle playing a large role in another title at least.

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Wednesday, November 5

Obama is a DC I think!

Tired and hopefully post election.
Today I got the huge Comic Book Tattoo for the library, and The Vertigo Encyclopedia, plus two Minx books: Janes in Love and Water Baby.
And I def. liked Criminal 6 (Bad Night part 3) and Echo 7!

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Sunday, November 2


Retronym Contest: What Do You Call a Non-Internet Librarian?

Last year, Information Today, the organizers of the Internet Librarian conference, held a contest to find a "retronym" for a non-Internet librarian.

A retronym is the revision of a word or phrase necessitated due to technological advances. For example, acoustic guitars were just guitars until the electric guitar came along.

Other examples of retronyms are rotary-dial telephone, snail mail, nonfat milk, and analog watch.

Information Today's President and CEO Tom Hogan announced the winner of the contest this year as he presented the list of finalists in reverse David Letterman style.

10. Shelf pointer librarian
9. Analog librarian
8. Legacy librarian
7. Librarian unplugged
6. 3x5 librarian
5. Internot librarian
4. Retrobrarian
3. (Insert the name of your supervisor here) librarian
2. Wallenda librarian (flying high without the net)
1. Librarian 1.0 - the winning entry!

Saturday, November 1

No Kidding- Chocolate

Check out the spread after the No Kidding scavenger hunt in Philly- Naked Chocolate Cafe we had hot chocolate, cupcakes, frozen chocolate, cheesecake! We had such a good time running around the city with flashlights, all with the 47 people who signed up who are childfree!