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Saturday, May 10

All the GIRL things

Some of the "floppy" comics that feature female protagonists that I can suggest:

The Sword
Luna Brothers
The Luna Brothers always show women as more than just "hot sex bomb". They have different body types, opinions, and in The Sword lead character Dara Brighton loses her family and gains an ancient and powerful sword.

Terry Moore
Only 2 issues of this new series, and it has brought us a new female protagonist in Julie Moore- way over her head, in the middle of a divorce.

Birds of Prey
Sean McKeever and Nicola Scott
No less than 5 strong women in the latest issue- Oracle, Zinda, the Huntress, Misfit, Manhunter and next month Black Alice again

Justice League of America-
Roster of the strongest DC female powers, like Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Black Canary.

Justice Society of America - the testing ground for many new and young female characters. Roster includes females with many different powers like Liberty Belle, Power Girl, Cyclone [redhead!], Stargirl, Judomaster and Lightening. Dale Eagleshams pencils are detailed, without too much cheesecake, and Geoff Johns writing gives a lot of depth and thought to characters, except there are so many that it may take time for your favorites to be highlighted.

Taki Soma Female artist and recent New Jersey resident shows off her skills in her webcomic "You'll Never Die"

Books I've enjoyed recently by female authors--
Have you found her? by Janice Ehrlbaum
This memoir of Janice's experiences volunteering the shelter she once lived at takes unexpected turns.

Three Girls and Their Brother
All four siblings tell their story, about celebrity, fame, family, and the cost of these things.

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Hi there! Just stopping by to say hello. I'm also a redhead and love comics. That picture with you and Gail Simone is great!


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