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Sunday, December 16


I'm a big baseball fan, so I've been following the Mitchell Report and the fallout from it. Many Yankees were named, but I think that's because we tend to get established, wealthier older players. Andy Pettitte has been my long time favorite pitcher- just a great lefty- and I'm glad that he took responsibility for HGH. At that point, it wasn't illegal, just unethical- trying to recover quicker from an injury. But the entire system colluded to allow players and owners and fans to keep a blind eye to the steroids-- and after 20 years of dragging feet, the time has come to really make some changes.

I did email the local news (Action News Philly) that 50% of baseball fans are female, yet not one person interviewed about the Mitchell report was female.

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At 6:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kudos to calling the news station about their obvious sexism. I'm personally not a baseball fan, but I know many women who are.


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