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Friday, November 23

Take me out

Happy post Turkey Day! Having a good time here in Cooperstown, NY with Shoreturtle. We are big baseball fans (me- Yankees, him- Tigers) so we made the trek to the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was a 5 hour sort of dull drive, at least no traffic. Cooperstown is very quaint- old homes, lake, and Main Street full of baseball cards, bats, balls, with some candy and food thrown in. It is cold- real feel of 8 right now. We saw Santa arrive tonight on his horsedrawn carriage.

The Hall of Fame was great-- hours of looking at old equipment and photos-- of course many Yankee greats from Babe Ruth, Mantle, Dimaggio, Berra to modern Jeter, Rivera. The only drag was the many Boston fans here to see their sad 6th World Series win display. 26 World Championships for the Yankees! Shirt of the day "Guess it wasn't a curse, Boston just sucked".
Will share some great photos soon.

The Inn does not have TVs in room, so we watched the last two Torchwoods on the laptop, and Planet Terror.

I also read an indie comic called Guitar Solo I bought at Jim Hanleys. And The Sword 1 and 2- The Luna Brothers latest. I really love their style and stories, and the story of the paraplegic art student Dara and a lost powerful sword has captured me again.

Driving home tomorrow and going to see They Might Be Giants in Philly!

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