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Sunday, November 25

Inside the puppet head

The They Might Be Giants show was great. Opener Oppenheimer from Belfast (friends of L) were good, and PhillyGirl, Shoreturtle and RnR Librarian scored a great view from the front of the side bar. We've all been to many TMBG shows, and this show was a mix of old and new from The Else. There was actually a break, then back for set 2 with horns- really added to the mix. Many favorites played!

11/24/07 (Sat) The Fillmore at the Theatre Of Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA

Set 1: The Cap'm, Damn Good Times, Why Does the Sun Shine?, Take Out the Trash, Alphabet of Nations, Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet Head, I'm Impressed, Cyclops Rock, Meet James Ensor, It's Not My Birthday, Particle Man, The Famous Polka, Ana Ng, XTC Vs. Adam Ant, Older, The Mesopotamians

Set 2: Philadelphia, Mr. Me, With the Dark, Birdhouse In Your Soul, The Guitar, Withered Hope, In the Middle, Purple Toupee, Spy, Whistling in the Dark, Museum of Idiots, Doctor Worm, E: Maybe I Know, Istanbul

Torchwood Season 2 BBC America's biggest hit comes to us beginning January 26
With added James Marsters for Spike-y fun!

Promised Photos from the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY
Many Yankees and Tigers photos - see me with the sign that says "team of the century". Costumes from A League of Their Own. Tigers Jerseys. Anaheim Rally monkey. Me giving Bonds the thumbs down.

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