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Monday, October 1

Marshall and Sark

Old Alias friends popping up in the new fall TV shows--

Kevin Weisman had a small part as a cameraman in Moonlight. I tuned in to see Jason Dohring, Logan from Veronica Mars. The writing and lead characters didn't thrill me (or others as the reviews have said), so as I said in the comments on TV Squad, I think moonlight will be eclipsed soon.

Sark from Alias is now on Heroes as the real life hero that Hiro worshipped-- but of course, he's a selfish and greedy man and not who Hiro thought he was. Seriously though, with adding him, and Kristin Bell, this show is just packed with blondes. Where's the redhead with superpowers?

Because of the move, I missed days of the new season premieres. Watched Grey's with rabbit ears and Desperate Housewives last night. What's good on TV that I missed? I saw 15 mins of Torchwood, and think I have to get on that bandwagon.

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At 4:58 PM, Blogger lauree said...

I'm trying Gossip Girl (Kristen Bell does the voice over as "Gossip Girl"), also going to try Pushing Daisies, Reaper, and Private Practice.

Already thinking I might give up on Desperate Housewives this season, but I'll still watch...Grey's was a decent enough opener...I'm sorta trying Moonlight but it's not going to last...

At 6:50 PM, Blogger phillygirl2873 said...

I love torchwood, a very grown up version of Doctor Who.

At 4:55 AM, Blogger Joe said...

My Top 3 (so far, things could change as the season progresses...)




Rock On!


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