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Tuesday, March 21

Blood River, wider than a mile

When you are up at 2 AM on cold night, this horror fantasy GN is the right one to read.

At the MidJersey Comicon, I got to meet Brian Quinn, an illustrator who does a lot for Weird NJ magazine. Weird NJ used to be sort of a zine type small mag, but then it ballooned into books, chain bookstore displays...and branched out to lots of other states. Brian has a very distinct, dark and twisted style-- his illustrations look like the old wood-cuts.

Brian illustrated and
Mike Oeming wrote Blood River. They sat together at the show [and swear, they were having a conversation about the movie Xanadu, and Oeming talked about Skatetown USA, where Patrick Swayze is the villian with rockets in his rollerskates. ]

Brian was nice enough to give me a copy that they both signed. I haven't seen much press on it, so I wanted to highlight it here.

This book is all New Jersey in the 1970s-- getting high in the woods, listening to Led Zeppelin and Ozzy, and having your mother on you for, in Jack's case, his long hair, no job, and choice of loser friends. "Jack, will you talk to me?" she pleads.

A preacher even says "God is everywhere, even in New Jersey"

Jack and Dean head off in the woods with 2 girls, who are spooked by some events and begin to feel the woods are mad at them, and turning evil. They go deeper into the woods following a map they believe leads to a bank robbed $100K. Won't spoil the rest for you. Just read this one.

Do you really think there is something in the woods? Something evil?


At 7:46 AM, Blogger Mark Kardwell said...

Nice looking work, plus I'm a fan of Oeming's: I'll keep an eye out for this. Reminds me a little of Burns' BLACK HOLE.

At 3:06 PM, Blogger Jason said...

Interesting stuff. I'll have to check it out.


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