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Tuesday, March 21

another Redemption song

A History of Violence

The movie has been on my radar for a while. At the NY comicon, I got a 'sample' 'condensed' 1997 version for free, with Viggo's movie photo on the cover. John Wagner is the writer, known for Judge Dredd, and Vincent Locke does the art. The black and white art is very good for character expressions and setting...a simple house or diner that could be in anytown, america. The small size (about 4 by 3 inches) affects the punch of the illustrations, but the story and art intrigued me enough to try and read the whole graphic novel. So the purpose was fulfilled.

Tom Stall had the perfect life...until he became a hero.

The press attention from a diner incident brings several bad mobsters to town, claiming Tom is "Joey". The distinctive lack of a finger on the left hand nearly seals the identity, but there is still some debate among the mobsters if Tom is Joey. Wagner creates good dialogue and characters.
"Long time ago. What if this guy's on the square? You call the shots Johnny-- but let's don't break our balls over this one."

Tom's wife and family are afraid and confused by these encounters.
"My god, all these years and I don't even know you... Who are you, Tom?"

It's another redemption story at heart-- can a lost man be redeemed for past sins? redeemed by love, friendship, making amends, and owning up to regrets?

"It was a lifetime ago. I thought it was all dead and buried."


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