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Tuesday, November 8

sexy girl fistfight

I have a running list of some amusing and scary referrals I've gotten for peeps who have checked out the Redhead Fangirl blog. Many fall into the 'internet is for porn' category, and I won't list, but here's some that tickled me over the last few weeks...
  • sexy girl fistfight
  • surviving zombie attack
  • wed with a redhead
  • the light fandango
  • roots of desire
  • irish temper italian attitude
  • that strange girl
  • zapped photos sexy
  • superfly snuka theme
  • william katt chiller theatre
  • sexy red bones
  • comic book babes
  • redhead paradise
  • lee meriweather

..and by posting these I've assured my blog of getting more hits like these! I love wackiness!


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