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Thursday, May 14

Elizabeth Bennet!

Flu has made me a sleepy, congested, achy girl all week. Finally feeling a little better but still tired.

Anyway, every time I think of Pride and Prejudice I assume a fake British accent like the classic Colin Firth Mr. Darcy series...I exclaim to myself "Elizabeth Bennet!" "Mr. Darcy!".
So I took a chance on the Pride and Prejudice Marvel comic. While the cover "modernizes" the story with fake tabloidesque quotes like "Bingleys bring bling to britain" and "who is Mr. Darcy"-- the interior story sticks right to the story line Jane wrote.

COVER BY: Dennis Calero
WRITER: Nancy Hajeski

Both the writer and the artist are new to me, and I liked the fun of the sisters facial expressions, the colors of a ball Darcy's floppy hair. Issue 2 was just on sale. Give it to your non-comic but classic reader friends!

It's a sell out for P&P



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