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Wednesday, May 6

TeeVee stuff

Should we save the Sarah Conner Chronicles?
SCC fans are being asked to take photos of themselves posing with products that sponsor the show and posting them on a Flickr group.

Firefly/Serenity friend Wash (Alan Tudyk) starred in Dollhouse: Briar Rose.
So now we know Alpha's face , but we're still missing a lot. We don't know his motivation or his connection with Alpha

A Daniel Farraday centric Lost: The Variable
(personally, I enjoyed the answers and ideas, until the end scene with the Others)
If the incident never occurs, then the Swan is never encased in concrete. No one ever has to push the button to contain the energy. That means Desmond will never forget to push the button. Flight 815 will never crash. Widmore will never send his freighter. Dan will never go back to the island and he'll live. How was Dan going to stop the incident before Mum shot him? Nuke the whole island with Jughead.

I don't hear much buzz about Harper's Island, but I am watching it, just one ep behind. Moving to Saturday night.

Also, don't forget Dave's excellent Free Comic Book Month promo.

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