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Monday, April 13

DMZ and Air

DMZ #40

First of all, it's great that DMZ continues to be a series at Vertigo. Issue 40, and going...and I think the trades sell well so keep it going! With 100 bullets ending at Vertigo, and Y long gone, there are a few posts (like Fables) to hold up the franchise, plus the strong back titles, to bring in new series and talent.

Air #7 is only $1 if you are cheap bastard and want a way to jump in to the series. The trade for issues 1-5 is also out now to begin reading one of the most complex comic series out there.

In DMZ-- Matty transforms in this issue. Starting as the young, intern journalist dropped and stranded in the meeting all sides from Trustwell, military, Parco Delgado's nation. He begins to question what he wants from the experience and the people he has 'served'. He grows up and we'll see where he heads in the future.

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