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Friday, October 14

Belgian Niklos koda

C bought me this Belgian comic- all in French- because of the redhead on the cover. The artwork is detailed, evocative..but I didn't even attempt to follow the story. Google translation shows this to be the plot...the translation for the collection is the "The third Vagueness"- that sounds, well, vague, but cool.

Niklos Koda died, assassinated in full street in Prague. It tried to wedge there Hali Mirvic thanks to the involuntary complicity of Sonia Dobrovna, distorts businesswoman charged to bleach the money of this former head of the Soviet secret service reconverted into the traffic of weapons. Russian Safety had entrusted the same task to its agent Valentina Souleva, ex-mistress at the same time of the trafficker and the diplomat-spy. Neither it nor Mirvic however financed the murder of Koda. Did another organization thus come into play, but for the account of which?

While Mirvic endeavours to identify its new adversaries and to save its skin, Valentina concludes a strange market with a close friend from the Koda family: in exchange of the banking code of Mirvic that Niklos had obtained from Sonia Dobrovna, it reveals the address to him which it held secret of the institution where since eight years the girl born of its connection with the diplomat-spy lives.

Was the love which linked them true? Didn't the design of this child rather form part of a plan machiavelic warped by Hali Mirvic at time when it directed the secret service of the USSR and where Valentina worked under its orders?


At 9:05 AM, Anonymous Denis said...

Actually, I think that a better translation would be: "Third Wave". "Vague" can mean vagueness, but it can also mean wave. In this context, the latter seems to make more sense (albeit less esoteric). Mind you, I've not read this particular comic so who knows... :-)



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