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Saturday, January 9

20-10 comic peoples!

The latest graphic novel I've read--

Ball Peen Hammer by Adam Rapp

On the table to be read:

Death Note 3

Incognito by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips

and I got from Santa...

Vertigo Crime: Filthy Rich by Brian Azzerello

1000 Comics you must read by Tony Isabella
I've had fun pouring over the 90's and 2000's comics in this book; will devote a post to what I've read and what I 'must read'. The book goes back to the 40's, and I probably have 50 years of must read comics that I haven't touched or even heard of.
...and of course I have a big stack of floppy comics I'm working through,
Echo, Sword, JLA, JSA, JSA All-Stars, Buffy, House of Mystery, DMZ, Tiny Titans, Chew, Beasts of Burden, and more.

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