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Wednesday, January 28

Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible

Captain Hammer of Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible supervillain musical returns in a prologue comics story by Zack Whedon with art by Eric Canete in this excerpt of Dark Horse Presents Vol. 2. The collection, due out on February 18th, also features new stories from Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, Gilbert Hernandez, Evan Dorkin, Fabio Moon, Steve Niles, and Tara McPherson that were originally presented on Myspace.

Great preview pages there!


Saturday, January 24

getting ready for the long con

Checking the NY Comiccon updates all the time. Just two weekends to the big dance! Phillygirl and I are getting in Thursday night, ready to hit the pro floor Fri morning. Need to find my sketchbook to take, and comics for artists and writers to sign...and get some cash together to buy geeky trinkets and shirts and stuff!

Recently read comics:
Back to Brooklyn 3, Air 5, The Sword 14, Buffy 20, House of Mystery 9.

What if Spider-man Back in Black (Mary Jane on cover), Secret Sic 5, Buffy 21, JSA 22 and The Boys 26.


Wednesday, January 21

Veronica and back-up

Veronica Mars movie a go

As great as Seasons 1 and 2 were, 3 was a serious letdown and I was glad the show was ending. We'll see how this goes...


Sunday, January 11

Rangers of the Dork Forest

I bought this Tshirt too!

I got to meet comedian Jackie Kashian last night at Catch a Rising Star, Princeton because of my friend John.

He also hangs in the chat room for Dork Forest Radio, which I just subscribed to on itunes-- free!
Every week I talk to differently obsessed people about what they are obsessed about. It could be comic books, action figures, trees, the news, video games or something that you're into.

Jackie asked what comics I was into, and then even asked about The Sword! We discussed the Luna Brothers a little while, Ultra and Girls...I love her! And her act was smart, fast paced, and just funny. Between dating, her new husband, and her family, the wit just flew out!


Tuesday, January 6

the Unknown

The Unknown Soldier 1
Joshua Dysart

Vertigo on the ledge with Joshua Dysart

I heard Joshua speak briefly about this book at a Vertigo panel last year, so I decided to give it a try. I never read the original Unknown, the vigilante soldier of the past.

This story is different: a native Ugandan (Moses Lwanga) gets a Harvard medical degree and goes back to his homeland. He has flashes of violence, while he and his wife a pacifist doctors.

Moses and his family fled Uganda when he was young and
"Its easy to become wrapped up in being an American",
but "one cannot run away from who they are".

An appearance is made by a well meaning and famous American actress, and violence, politics, anti-war, love, pain and family themes are touched on. At the end of issue 1, Moses thinks that "anyone who profits from could kill them all"

January 8 Unknown Soldier #4 is to be released

Also enjoyed Secret Six 4 and Jack of Fables 29.

Still to read--
Back to Brooklyn 3
Buffy 20
JLA 28
JSA 22
Birds of Prey 125
Air 5
Hellcat 4

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Sunday, January 4

"we're society's only protection"

The photoboards in the movie theatre for Watchmen...let's hope that date of 3/6/09 still holds!
And an added one from ch-ch-ch, ha-ha-ha