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Tuesday, December 4


Six lame superhero TV shows
One I've never heard of is called Night Man:
This was about a saxaphone-playing jazz musician (Johnny Domino!) who is struck by lightening and then is "telephathically tuned to the frequency of evil."I need to watch these videos-- never can watch clips at work--

..which makes me think of one of my favorite clips from It's always sunny in Philadelphia, where Charlie writes a song about the 'nightman'. I was crying from the words (written as images because Charlie is so illiterate) and Mac's reaction. Did you know Charlie is married in real life to the coffee waitress that can't stand him?



At 7:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Night Man" was a syndicated series - it ran on WPIX (11) in the NYC/NJ area a few years ago. Back then, I watched part of one episode - that was all I could handle. It was campy like the 60's Batman show, except the campiness of the latter was self-aware and intentional. This just seemed like the work of a Hollywood producer with only the vaguest knowledge (if any) of the superhero genre. That would be Glen Larson (who's also resposible for Knight Rider, the A-Team and the original Battlestar Galactica).

I had never even heard of the comic book it was based on (it turns out the Night Man comic was published by Malibu and the character was co-created by Steve Englehart).


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