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Sunday, October 14

watchin and readin

Mom is visiting, so there has been little time to read. Started trying to catch up on Tivo for my shows. Watched 2 It's always sunny in Philadelphia's, an SNL with Seth Rogan, and the season prem of 30Rock.

Without the Yankees in the playoffs, at least I don't have to stay up late for baseball. Sigh.

Who is reading the new BKV Buffy Season 8 Part II? I think Faith and Gigi (rogue killer slayer) will make for interesting times for Buffy. I totally agree with --
First of all, I still don't like Dawn -- never cared for her character at all. So fricken' whiney
and their assertion that Giles and Faith are less dimensional. But knowing the Buffyverse, I still like it.

Casting news--

Beam him up...Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) will play Scotty in the new Star Trek movie.

Seth Green will appear on Grey's Anatomy.
say Green counts it among his favorite shows

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