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Sunday, January 8

low ankles

Read a few comics I'll review next (Y, Catwoman, Spider-Man loves Mary Jane) but here are 2 films I recently saw, and liked.

Brokeback Mountain
I've been waiting to see this for a long while -- a gay cowboy story with Jake and Heath! The cinematography was great- the vast spaces of Wyoming and the lonely feel of the landscape. The lead characters do well with being torn between their traditional lives of wives, children and the pull of the love they have. The theatre was busy. Heath plays a man of few words, tied up emotionally, and does it well. I just read EW about Michelle Williams, and their new baby (they met on the set).

Me and You and Everyone you know (DVD)
This indie film is different, but standard indie fare-- quirky people, kids, settings. It tries to talk about love, art, connecting in the modern world. It mostly succeeded to me. Miranda July wrote, directed and stars, and she is excellent. Her 'love interest' shoe salesman was really unattractive to me, so it was hard for me to relate to her wanting him, but he at least was smart and decent.


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