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Saturday, January 7

I can smell my own damn legs

Damon Lindelof, head writer of LOST the tv show, has written Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk for Marvel. He says he writes between 1 AM and 5 AM on Sundays, the only time he's not working on Lost. I've been a regular Lost fan since the start, but can't say I'm a big fan when compared to my friend M, who spends hours a day in 'the fuselage' the online site devoted to Lost. The comic book references have been interesting, and clearly Lindelof is a long time fanboy...

(an interesting connection: my friend J worked at a north Jersey movie theatre in HS with Damon)

Lost writer finds avocation

Lindelof, like Heinberg, lets his love of comics influence his television writing, littering his show with comic-book references. (On one episode of "Lost," castaway Hurley can be seen reading a comic book in a flashback sequence; the comic is Incredible Hulk #181, featuring the first appearance of Wolverine — both title characters of Lindelof's comic miniseries.)

In Ultimate W vs. H, Logan is given the task to find and kill the Hulk (Bruce Banner). The Hulk is more than 'hulking' in this comic, he is massive, and veiny. There is one two page spreads where the hulk sits like a sheik, and women are everywhere-- and the women appear mouse sized in comparison! Any-hoo, the comic starts with a bloody Logan, very hairy, being torn apart by the Hulk. "&%$#er threw my legs four miles!" When Logan was recruited for the job, he meets Dr. Jennifer Walters. She give him a sniff of what runs in Bruce's veins. Bruce had killed eight hundred people in NYC, and SHIELD executed him....but he lives. Logan's comments seem true to form, the art is a bit grim, but the story will hold my attention for now.


At 9:03 PM, Blogger Rae said...

We watch Lost too, but one of my coworkers is a massive, annoying fanatic. She is addicted to the online boards and analyzes every blasted episode.

Thanks for the link to your friend's blog - his Boston is TOO cute!!!


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