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Sunday, October 9

Nanobots and Mockingbirds

Currently I am juggling 3 books - The Sound and Fury (book discussion), Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs (pop culture analysis) and The Glass Castle (childhood memoir of a wacked family)...but always squeeze some comics in...

1 month until Infinite Crisis! DC is banking on this series...let's hope it brings the same debate and interest as Identity Crisis.

OMAC 6 of 6 Animus Automous
The race to stop the OMAC's from causing 'the single greatest mass slaughter of heroes and villians that has ever been seen'. Other than destroying the nanobots, the only other cause is a EMP explosion...and Batman decides to draw the nanobots in, a deathtrap, but only if he "doesn't do my part"

Villians United 5 of 6
The society, the secret six, 314 bad guys, the fearsome five (but only4), Scandal the redhead, Catman, Ragdoll, Luthor, and Who is Mockingbird?....Whew! Everytime I read this series I feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of characters. Now that it's nearing the last episode (6) I have started to make some sense of it...just in time to wipe it from my brain!


At 1:18 PM, Blogger Paul said...

i LOVED Villains United. I am a huge fan of Gail Simone.


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