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Saturday, October 1

Hush, Mera, It's all right

I've always liked Aquaman. From my childhood days of watching Superfriends. I guess since I loved going to the beach and the ocean, that went along with watching Aquaman.

In Aquaman 34, he is with his dying (redhead) wife Mera. She is only being kept alive in Atlantis by a spell, but it's pretty noble/romantic how Aquaman wants to take her. And fights for her. But she is the Queen of Atlantis...and a big 'ol fight ensues. "Because I'm taking Mera with me-- unless you kill me-- if you can"

I do feel for Esther, Aquaman's girlfriend waiting for him. There is a funny exchange with her friend who says he won't show up "Not if he's like most men, he won't. And this one, he's even got a great excuse for not showing up. He's Aquaman! Out there saving the world and whatnot. That's what you get for dating a 'super hero'."

This makes me think that besides the boy chooses between brunette or blond (a la Betty and Veronica)...sometimes it's boy chooses between blonde or redhead (a la Mary Jane and Gwen in Spidey, and here). The redhead always seems to be the more interesting choice....


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