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Sunday, July 31

Tiger, do I have news for you!

Just two weeks until the
MidJersey Comic Con!
I was at the Philadelphia Comic Con today with flyers and still meeting dealers. Almost everyone knows my buddy R from his fan/collecting/pulp shows. I'm just the redhead sidekick! Met some nice dealers and bought many comics-- Birds of Prey, Batman Family, Harley and Ivy. Even got a copy of The Spectacular Spiderman where Mary Jane tells Spidey she's pregnant,
"Tiger, do I have news for you!"

Friday, July 29

the walking dead

I'm a little late on the upswing on The Walking Dead. The TP kept me up reading at 4 in the morning. It's that good. There are such well developed characters (and so many!). And the series hits all the high points of good horror-- what does the average person do in extrordinary circumstances? When your entire life and world is gone? I wish the women were a bit less of an armpiece, maybe that develops more down the line. I've read a few Invincibles, and Robert Kirkman really has his ear to the ground.

The Walking Dead

Tuesday, July 26

a crazy redhead in a hospital gown

It's no secret that Batgirl is my favorite character. As the Oracle, using her training as a librarian, she gathers information for superheroes and law enforcement. In the most recent Birds of Prey, she tells every secret and humiliation from her past. Great redhead quotes in #84..

"Braces, skinny as a rail, and red hair. You don't know what hormone-addled guys say to girls with red hair. It sticks with you."

"That's not brave. I know what brave looks like, To me it looks like a crazy REDHEAD in a HOSPITAL gown..."

Sunday, July 24

Betty, Veronica, Jeff

Jeff Shultz, artist for Archie Comics, has been added to the MidJersey Comic Con!
Jeff will have a guest artist table and will be available for sketches, discussion, and to answer the age-old question, "Betty or Veronica?"

MidJersey Comic Con, August 14

Archie Comics

Friday, July 22

Snoop Dog translates Fangirl site

Want to hear how Snoop Dog would translate my site?

Redheezee Fangirl by Snoop Dog

"I am loving the Girls series" = "I am bustin' the Bitchez series"

"It was very nice meeting Babs biggest fan" = "It was very funky ass saggin' Babs's biggest fan"

"Mother Come Home" = "Crazy ass nigga come home"

Thursday, July 21

BKV, McKeever, Quitely win Eisners!

2005 Eisner Winners!
Personally, these 3 winners excited me most...
Brian K. Vaughan won 2 Eisners for Best Writer (Y, Ex Machina, Runaways) and Best New Series (Ex Machina). And I asked him pound for pound what writers he would pummel in a fistfight!

Frank Quitely tied for Best Penciller/Inker for the amazing We3 series.

and Sean McKeever, for "Talent Deserving of a Wider Audience". You can see my post about McKeever and the groovy Mary Jane series.

Wednesday, July 20

Wed is the best day of the week

New comic Wednesdays make it the best day of the week!
On this weeks reading list for me: House of M 4, Manhunter 12, Birds of Prey 84, Girls 3, Ex Machina 13. Also a newly suggested one for me , Penny and Aggie. Reviews to come!

Tuesday, July 19

"Girls" rocks

I am loving the Girls series from the Luna brothers. Don't you love it when you are reading something and your eyebrows raise because of vivid images or twisted writing? Girls #3 out this week...

Girls second printing

Girls is about an average guy named Ethan Daniels who's never had much luck with women. Until he meets an unnamed mystery girl, that is, and he soon discovers, she is no ordinary girl. Like most women, she holds secrets beyond his understanding. But in this case, those secrets might end up impacting not just Ethan's future, but that of the whole world.

Saturday, July 16

Bab's biggest fan

It beyond rocks that Scott Beatty, who writes Nightwing and wrote Batgirl: Year One (plus the absolutely-must-have DC Comics Encyclopedia) responded to my post on his message boards...

Hey, Redlib!
Thanks for posting... and for such kind words!
It was very nice meeting Babs's biggest fan at Wizard World Philly!
Best, Scott B.

Wow, Rags Morales posted on this blog, Scott responded to a post and I just got an email response from Sean McKeever. Lucky fangirl!

Wednesday, July 13

Holden Carver and Miss Misery

Sleeper is one of the most underread series out there. The art, emotions, action and content made the Sleeper series one of my favorites. It was brutal, thrilling and sexy all at once. And, in this one the redhead(Miss Misery) is a bad, bad woman... and Holden Carver is captivating.

Why Sleeper is so seductive

Sleeper Wikipedia

Friday, July 8

mr. fantastic

Teaching my nephew about the Fantastic Four and Reed Richards. I hope someday both nephews will be comic fans!

mother come home

For a graphic novel that will tear at your heart, try Mother Come Home by Paul Hornschemeier. The illustrations convey the sadness of the young boy (and his father) in the aftermath of the death of his mother. The son tries to overcompensate by keeping the house running, and the father withdraws into himself. Powerful stuff.

Thursday, July 7

Jones, Desolation Jones

Desolation Jones #1 I read this in the airport during my five hour delay (taking up 15 minutes of it). Def. for mature readers. Gritty, sad, and sometimes funny. DJ #2 comes out 7/13, and I'm willing to go along for the ride. Since Sleeper ended, I've missed my mature content fix.

Wednesday, July 6

Vote for redhead comic book babes

Battle of the Comic Book Babes. It's down to the 'Sweet Sixteen' from the field of 64. There are several redheads left, including Mary Jane, Poison Ivy, Red Sonja, Mystique, Black Widow, Starfire...Hey, for being only 4% of the population, we are more than representin' here!

Friday, July 1

Gordon and Grayson

Batgirl and Nightwing fight crime together,
and find time to flirt and ride on motorcycles.
This cover rocks, and so does Beatty's writing on Nightwing.

MJ High school angst

I've become a big fan of Sean McKeever's writing on Mary Jane and Mary Jane Homecoming. It's a teen drama series, but in the manner of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, still compelling to adults. Or maybe just adults like me that can easily revert to being 14 again.

Anyway, Mary Jane is just adorable in these. Peter Parker is bookish and admires her from afar, while she dates Harry and Flash is in love with her. McKeever's site bio says he is "best known for introspective, character driven tales". Highly recommended from this librarian.

Sean McKeever