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Sunday, August 1

Winners! Most likely..NJ librarians survey!

Coming out of a funny ALA conversation, I crafted the Most Likely to..NJ librarians survey in the style of high school superlatives. It was a hard, draining spring with the budget cuts and advocacy work so I personally needed some humor.

I loved seeing librarians I know get votes, and makes me interested in those I don't know.

Without further ado-- the Winners and those who also got votes!

1. Most interesting NJ librarian to hear presenting?

Winner: Pete Bromberg

Clearly an amazing presenter and librarian, so fortunate to have him in Jersey libraries!

Karen Hyman
John LeMasney
Janie Hermann
Robert Lackie
Grace Agnew
Sophie Brookover
Karen Klapperstuck
Andy Woodworth

Other comments:
Robert Lackie, Peter Bromberg and Janie Hermann. I have seen all three together in workshops at the same time and that is the best. Mad props to the Library Garden gang.

Most YA librarians, love the stories

2. NJ Librarian you like to read on Twitter?

Winner: Andy Woodworth

Always one of the most thoughtful and prolific librarians, in NJ and nationally, we are so glad Andy didn’t become a lawyer! Proud to call him friend.

JP Porcaro
Val Forrestal
Karen Klapperstuck
Janie Hermann

(Thanks to those who voted for me in this category, I appreciate it!)

3. NJ Library director or manager you'd most like to work for?

Winner: Leslie Burger, Princeton Public Library

The top 3 vote getters are all at Princeton PL; hmm, they have a good thing going!

Pete Bromberg
Janie Hermann
Karen Klapperstuck
David Calvanico
Mary Martin
Bruce Whitham
Irene Goldberg

4. NJ library or library system you'd like to work for?

Princeton Public Library
Winner by a mile!

Burlington Cty
Ocean County
Ocean City
Mt Laurel
Seton Hall
Highland Park
Cherry Hill

5. Best children's librarian in Jersey?

Winner: Sophie Brookover
The amazing Sophie wins a very tight race! She teaches me about juvenile graphic novels. Pop goes the library at the top!

Liz Burns
Sharon Rawlins
Selwa Shamy , Somerset Cty
Meg Bezdek McCarthy
Mary Ecklund
Lisa Taylor, Barnegat Branch, Ocean County
Allison Santos
Danielle Behmke
Chrissy George

It was Justin Hoenke.

6. Best academic librarian in Jersey?

Winners: Trevor Dawes
Valerie Forrestal
Robert Lackie

A three way tie here! All well deserved, for their interesting and committed styles!

Lisa Coats
Marie Radford, Rutgers
Mary Mallory
Kurt Wagner
JP Porcaro
Nicole Cooke
Craig Anderson
Gary Schmidt

7. NJ librarian that cracks you up (best sense of humor)

Winners: JP Porcaro
Pete Bromberg

Ah, I’ve been lucky enough to hang out on several occasions with these two and can vouch for the comedy! And there are several comedians on the list I haven’t yet met, but definitely want to now!

Val Forrestal
Will Porter
Ty Rousseau
Sandi Cronce, Willingboro
Dena Price
Arlene Saharie
Saleena Davidson
Robert Lackie

8. Most attractive Guybrarian in Jersey?

Winners: JP Porcaro
Pete Bromberg

As every girl knows, a good sense of humor and personality makes a man highly attractive! Winners in both categories Pete and JP!

Ty Rousseau
Trevor Dawes
Michael Maziekien
Dan O’Conner
Chuck Dolan, Middlesex County College
Chris Carbone
Andy Woodworth
Craig Anderson

Justin Hoenke, Patrick Sweeney

9. Most attractive female librarian in Jersey?

Winner: Karen Klapperstuck

I’m glad to see the NJ library community appreciates redheads! Yea Karen- smart, funny, and attractive!

Val Forrestal
Kim Paone
Kate Kosturski
Kate Vasilik
Beth Cackowski
Sharon Rawlins, NJSL

(Thanks to those who voted for me in this category, I appreciate it!)

10. NJ librarian with the best hair?

JP has pretty hair! And we love it! And again, Karen reps for the redheads!

Winner, Male: JP Porcaro
Winner, Female: Karen Klapperstuck

Allen McGinley
Justin Hoenke
Kim Paone
Beth Cackowski
Suzanne Bromberg
Justin Hoenke
(Thanks to those who voted for me in this category, I appreciate it!)