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Tuesday, September 30

That little Minx

I'm sad to see the Minx line cancellation. Not just personally, because I liked The Plain Janes and The New York Four, but professionally as a librarian. This was the crossover line for YA readers who are not fanboys and fangirls. I handed many teen girls ReGifters or Good as Lilly or Confessions of a Blabbermouth.

The age appropriate and excellent art, with the witty stories, were a hit with their audience. I guess it was just a small audience-- the teen girls who read manga generally wouldn't read the Minx line. So it was the avid teen girl reader, but not the ones reading Scrapped Princess or Death Note.

And I think it's already been said here, that just because Minx is being cancelled doesn't mean girls don't want comics with real stories, with real emotion that can touch them combined with art that represents more than the extremes of the superhero realm.

Minx books

More Minx at the Beat


Monday, September 29


Sunday, September 28

on the Fringe

A misty and wet weekend here. Spent yesterday in New York with shoreturtles sister and her husband, showing them Little Italy and Chinatown. Was fun.

They went on a tour, so I snuck in Midtown Comics. Bought Echo, Sword, Ennis' Back to Brooklyn 1, and finally got my hands on that King Size Spiderman from the summer. Colleen Coover's art is so adorable-- with many Marvel redheads. Will try to scan some.

Also picked up Fringe- a prequel comic to the show. I've enjoyed the first 3 episodes, especially Joshua Jackson and John Noble as son-father. Here's a site of Fringe Bloggers.

Also, I resisted Facebook, but gave in and made a profile. High school friends found me, someone with my exact name, and someone I worked with in Atlanta. It's so much better than the come-ons on myspace.


Wednesday, September 24


About 20% of women are childfree (not childless, which is a negative term) . About twice as many women in the last decade do not have children. My advice to friends who have children, but have friends that don't-- please ask us about our life and jobs once in a while. I'll listen to your late nights, coo over your kids, look at the endless photo albums...but, being childfree is another and completely valid choice too. I really do like kids, and can play all day with nieces, nephews, and friends kids.

And we'd love to see you once in a while without your kids, because you have that distracted look or can't really pay attention. (and please don't bring them in a fancy restaurant or bar or concert-- some places are for adults only.) Don't be that sad hipster parent.

Childfree by choice

No kidding!
NO KIDDING! is an all-volunteer, non-profit social club for adult couples and singles who, for whatever reason, have never had children.

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Tuesday, September 23


The Stand 1 0f 5

I just started reading The Stand comic. I've always loved the book, and while I enjoyed the art of the first arc of The Dark Tower, I should enjoy this more because I know the story.

Issue Two due on October 8th.

It begins here: the apocalyptic epic battle between good and evil based on the classic bestseller by master of horror Stephen King! On a secret army base in the Californian desert, something has gone horribly, terribly wrong.

Something that will send Charlie Campion and his wife and daughter fleeing in the middle of the night. Unfortunately for the Campion family--and the rest of America--they are unaware that all three of them are carrying a deadly cargo: A virus that will spread from person to person like wildfire, triggering a massive wave of disease and death, prefacing humanity's last stand! Be there as writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four) teams with artist Mike Perkins (Captain America) for the first arc in the next great Stephen King event!


Saturday, September 20

'on the way to cape may'

Shoreturtle and I spent the weekend in Cape May NJ to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! He is the coolest and kindest guy I could have ever wanted. We ran along the beach, ate seafood, took a trolley tour, saw the lighthouse, went to the cheese store, bought fudge, toured a Victorian house- the Emlen Physick, and bought me an ugly doll. Lots of fun. Now tired.


Sunday, September 14

Jersey humidity

The humidity today was unbearable. My hair feels twice as big.

It's good to have friends to share graphic novels with- PhillyGirl has lent me a few that I wouldn't have bought but have enjoyed. I'm now reading her Garth Ennis The Punisher- there are government types, mafia, and Frank in the crosshairs. Interesting.

Picked up two weeks of comics and got two big boxes of donations for the library. 2 Trinitys, a Buffy, The Stand, Spider-Man loves MJ...

Was excited to see the new Gail SimoneSecret Six #1. Scandal is mourning her loss of Knockout (which leads to Ragdoll offering a 'present'), and Catman and Deadshot discuss who they are while caught in a store robbery. Huntress makes an appearance, and a new member will join the team...Nicola Scott pencils bring it all to life.

On the novel side, I read Hell Hole by Chris Grabenstein, mystery set on the Jersey Shore.

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Thursday, September 11

Thursday is Friday

I started my fall Sun- Thurs schedule, so today is my Friday.

Thx Bad Librarianship for letting me see this pro-redhead post

I'm currently reading Shooting War by Anthony Lappe. The Rock and Roll Librarian had suggested this during our presentation to the NJ Librarians Association. A Brooklyn hipster blogger goes to Iraq is the plot, and it is a left leaning book.

And my Vertigo Encyclopedia came. I haven't had much of a chance to go through it, but it starts with 100% and ends with Young Liars. It's very current, including titles like Air. There are about 10 years of Vertigo titles I haven't read, and this gets me jazzed to find those.

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Saturday, September 6

Hanna and goodbye Selina

Riding out TS Hanna- rain and wind stirred up pretty well. So far today I've gone to the gym, picked up things in the yard and patio, watched one episode of the Wire, got bagels, ate a hamburger, swiffered two floors, watched a Daily Show from the RNC.

The RNC conventioners are both funny, and tragic. Sarah Palin wanted to ban library books! I can imagine the intellectual climate for the head librarian with someone who answered most questions with "god's will". I really may have to move to Canada...

Comicwise, I've caught up on Trinity 11-13, Jack of Fables 25 (the Page sisters!), JSA 18, and JLA. Also, The not so long kiss goodbye... to Catwoman in issue 82. I have been a regular follower of the Catwoman series, through writers and artists, and the occasional cheesecake covers. I will miss Selina, but I'm glad the last issue was just her and Batman, discussing who and what they are (with some rooftop chasing in between). If you didn't read these (and I guess people weren't or the series wouldn't have ended), I would def. recommend in trade.

I guess I'll make the best of it and now save $2.99 an issue. Plenty of other comics to spend dough on!

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Tuesday, September 2

Get Air

Air #1 Written by G. Willow Wilson; Art and Cover by M.K. Perker

I recently read Air, which was promoted at the Vertigo panels in both NY and Philly. The writer and artist worked on the unique graphic novel "Cairo" that our library purchased.

Air is about a flight attendant named Blythe, the war on terror in the skies, a mysterious group called the Etesian front, and a little bit of a romance with a dark haired guy. As with all Vertigo titles, there is thick content, and ideas to wrap your head around.

For those of us who enjoy a well written and drawn story that isn't all about getting smashmouthed. Free sneak peak available.

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