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Friday, August 22

Atom Eve, Rise Above, Sugar and Spite

Atom Eve, by Louie of Geek Boy Press

MidJersey Comicon 2008, almost a week ago!

At Wizard Philly, I suggested to MJCC friend Louie of Geek Boy Press that he should do a Atom Eve (the redhead from Invincible). He mentioned she was a pretty obscure character, but lo and behold...Atom Eve! We love Louie's art style and pop culture characters. Check out all his art and Tshirts at Etsy

I also just read the first two issues of "Rise Above", about a superhero team that is split between working with the government and being jaded about their current work and wanting a change. Tim Fernandes, the artist and writer came to the MidJersey, and cover artist Brett Ryans was also there. For fans of superhero teams, this is a pretty well done book.

It's always great to have female artists and writers, and Ali from was at the MidJersey also. She sketched an "Angry Carrot" for my sketch book of all redheads, and I bought her comics 'Sad robot'. She also made some groovy dolls. (I borrowed their photos)

12 year old Jessica Weiss was selling her self made comics, and I bought "Crisis in Geezerville". She was a hit of the show and her mini comics sold. The best was that she said her dad (standing right next to her) was the geezer she got the idea from.

Have a great weekend kids!

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