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Wednesday, August 16

Moon Knight- cute?

I met creators Scott Derby and Dave Perrillo at Wizard Philly, and due to a last minute cancellation, were at the MidJersey Comicon this weekend. Both are very talented and interesting guys. See Dave's blog for examples of his takes on classic horror posters (The Shining and The Blob) and even Captain Chaos! I love Scott's cartoon cutesy superheroes. I advised both to add more redheaded female characters, and they are working on Batgirl. I kept seeing happy customers at their table all day.

Geek Boy Press was back, and Louie has a great Hawkgirl print I picked up. One of the hardest workin' indie creators I know, Louie can be found at many comicons, Big Art Shows, and First Fridays in Philly.

Rob Granito, who I met at a Big Apple Con last year, was another cool guest. In my sketchbook he drew a Poison Ivy, to be scanned for this blog on return. See his Batman sketch for our door prize!

52 pickup A comic blogger interviews himself!
If you're going to think honestly about American comics, you are eventually going to run into the Spandex wall, and some of it's pretty great.

Haven't picked up this weeks books. Only 3 books last week- Secret Six 3, 52, and She-Hulk 10.


At 10:30 AM, Blogger RAB said...

Thanks for that link to the Douglas Wolk piece: that was a fun read. But to me the most quotable line was "I bet if pirate comics had the same kind of hegemony, art-cartoonists would be sick of X-Ships" -- witty, true, and he tops it off with a link to the lyrics of Pirate Jenny, one of my all-time favorite songs.


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