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Wednesday, June 7

Indie rockin', not stoppin'

Philly geeks waiting to get into the show Friday.

Who got my dough in artist alley at Philly Wizard?
Tommy Castillo- bought a Batgirl card
Joseph Michael Lisner- looked up from his sketch, didn't smile or say hello
bought a "Dawn" for my friend, Dawn, who loves Cry for Dawn

Convention Confidential #1 (have cc2)
Rob Reilly is a mad Irish bastard. This comic is funny and painfully recognizable to those who go to comicons. For free they threw in Suburban Folklore 3 - Steven Walters. A thoughtful book of four stories about friends, love, death. Very different than the Steve in the Conv. Confidential books!

Geek Boy Press
I bought a Mr. J poster from the Geek Boys. They sold out of several prints by Saturday. Louie's robot and broken-hearted ale-drinking hearts are just fab.

The Sire
"truly inspired" - cover quote from Ethan Van Sciver
Nice art and origin story- the reluctant and sort of lazy everyman 'forced' by his costume to fight the good fight
Michael Dolce, writer
Dan Leiste, pencils

Rob Messick, Brian Milligan
Rob has come to my MidJersey show, and wears a They Might Be Giants shirt! Score 2. He says "This comic makes fun of everything"

Scott Derby - I think he shared a booth with Dave Perillo. I bought these adorable postcards of Stargirl, GLantern, Spidey, Aquaman.

Just announced, MidJersey Comicon returning guests, August 12, 2006-
Artist: Powers, Red Sonja, Thor: Blood Oath,
Thor What If?, Blood River, and Ares

Artist: The Black Forest, The Wicked West,
Tarzan the Warrior, Superman Adventures


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