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Friday, November 18

Chicks dig the long box

Me and K went to the National Comic con in NYC today. Spent a few hours diggin through the $1 and .50 2 Tim Sale Spidey's that I have wanted featuring Mary Jane. And some Y's.

Snagged the last Batgirl figurine from a vendor. Teased a boy who was asking for others 'ha ha, I got the last one...I like Barbara Gordon more than you do!'. I hope to get some new blog traffic because I left some fangirl cards around.

We also spent time talking with Rob Granito, an excellent artist and all around nice guy. I bought a print of his of Poison Ivy, and K bought a Spike print. He just worked on Teen Titans Go, and does comic, fantasy and horror art. Best of all, he may exhibit at my MidJersey Comicon! Score!
Rob Granito, Painted Jester Studio

I didn't see Michael Oeming, or Neil Vokes. We did see our friends at Geek Boy Press , who have some groovy new prints and cards for sale. I passed Harvey Pekar, actually alone at a table. I said hi, and K asked if he was one of R's pulp friends.

Then it was lots of girly shopping until our bags were too heavy to carry.


At 7:13 PM, Blogger Rae said...

How cold was it in NYC today??? BRRRR!!! Cool figure, I would flaunt it too!! (And probably take a picture of me flaunting it but that's really where I cross the line and something I need to work on!)

At 5:37 AM, Blogger Gordon said...

You know, why is it that the phrase "long box" sounds so...dirty?

And I wonder if Dave gets similar comments on his blog?


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